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We are sustainability consultants who support medium and large-sized companies from different industries since 2007. We use expertise, tools and ideas for the successful implementation of sustainability in three areas: Sustainability management, life cycle assessment & environmental management as well as communication & innovation.

We are among the most experienced creators of environmental product declarations (about 100) and we are the only independent experts for sustainabiliry management software. Moreover, we have guided several companies through the implementation of materiality analyses as a preparation for GRI reporting and we belong to the leading specialists in sustainability communication in Germany.

We continuously develop our expertise by using our own empirical studies and publications for the benefit of our customers. The most recent examples are "Nachhaltigkeit Managen" (Study about sustainability software, available only in German) "The New Brand Spirit - How Communicating Sustainability Builds Brands, Reputations and Profits" which is a practical study on sustainability communication. The studies on the ISO 14001, a new edition of "Nachhaltigkeit Managen“ (Managing Sustainability, available only in German) and the benefits of EPDs were released.

Our customers range from medium to large-sized companies from different industries such as: trade, comsumer goods, construction suppliers and financial services.

brands & values was honoured in 2014 as "Best Consultant" in the sustainability category

brands & values GmbH - sustainabilty consultants
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