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Karsten Muuß


Senior Consultant  and Head of the Sustainability Strategy Department

Vagtstr. 48 | 28203 Bremen

Tel.: +49 40 659 14 658

Fax: +49 421 460 460 - 09



Karsten Muuß


Senior Consultant and Head of the Sustainability Strategy Department

Altenwall 14 | 28195 Bremen

Tel.: +49 421 709084 - 33

Fax: +49 421 709084 - 35


brands & values are the independent experts for sustainability software in the German-speaking area. We support you to find the most suitable software solution for your sustainability management.

The challenge

You are working consistently on the topic of sustainability for quite some time now, you already create sustainability reports or you are planning on publishing such a report and you are facing the following challenges:

  • your data comes from several different sources and you require a consistent high quality data basis

  • the existing data collection using spreadsheet programs reaches its limits

  • data should be consistently and centrally available in one place

  • the required time to compile and to process your data should be reduced

  • You want to be informed about the most important key figues in an uncomplicated manner

  • Data collection for the sustainability reporting using for instance Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) or CDP are too complicated

  • You want to make your sustainability performance more transparent and to involve your internal and external stakeholders more

Benefits of using sustainability software

The choice and implementation of sustainability management software:

  • reduces costs because of more effective and efficient data collection

  • increases the quality of your sustainability data, reduces possible information loss due to media disruptions and avoids possible damages to the reputation caused by the communication of imprecise information

  • places your sustainability controlling on a solid basis by using real-time collection of all your sustainability key figures and indicators

  • makes a more comfortable and flexible data analysis for the internal performance management and for the external sustainability reporting possible


Our services in finding the most suitable software together with you
  • We determine the requirements profile together with you. Therefore, we create collaboratively with you a company-specific weighting for the 190 criteria which we use for the choice of the most suitable sustainability management software.

  • Our experts support you to create detailed specifications which describe the strategic goals, the scope as well as their specific functional requirements and which form the basis for your request for quotation or your tender.

  • We accompany you during the test implementation of possible solutions for your company.

  • Our company-specific recommendations which we generate by comparing your requirements profile with the functions of the software that is well established in the market guarantees the identification of the optimal solution.

  • brands & values as your independent consultant recommends the optimal solution for your company.

You can order the exclusive report 'Managing Sustainability' and 'Kompetenzvermittlung zur Auswahl geeigneter Nachhaltigkeitssoftware' (available only in German) with further information on the topic.

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