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Environmental Product Declarations

Benefits, Expectations and Fulfilments - A Stakeholder View

Part 1 of 2

The study examines the benefits and expectations of Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs according to EN 15804) from the point of view of the stakeholders involved.

The study

  • provides a basic understanding of EPDs

  • looks at the benefits of EPDs and compares stakeholder expectations and the degree of fulfilment

  • presents experiences and recommendations from the company's point of view

  • provides an overview of the programme operators

  • outlines the individual steps and key issues on the way to a verified EPD

  • shows the expected timeframe and costs


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Environmental Product Declarations (EPD)
What Benefits Can You Expect From EPDs?
Results: Expectations and Fulfilment − A Stakeholder View
From an Entrepreneurial Perspective: Experiences and Recommendations of EPD Owners
Basic Steps and Questions
Before You Start
Environmental Product Declarations
Finding the Right Programme Operator
Types of EPDs
What is the Normative Background and what are Product Category Rules (PCR)?
Life Cycle Assessment
Verification and Publication?
What Time Frame and Costs can be Expected?

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