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Matthias Brinkert


Senior Consultant  and Head of the Departments for Life Cycle Assessment and Environmental Management


Vagtstr. 48 | 28203 Bremen

Tel.: +49 421 460 460 - 16

Fax: +49 421 460 460 - 09

Cell phone: +49 176 201 696 76



Tobias Brinkmann


Senior Consultant and Head of the Departments for Life Cycle Assessment and Ecoefficiency Analysis


Altenwall 14 | 28195 Bremen

Tel.: +49 421 709084 - 33

Fax: +49 421 709084 - 35

Cell phone: +49 157 3525 88 80


The challenge

Companies, especially in manufacturing face the following situation:

  • High productivity and cost pressure in the compeition

  • The most effective lever to increase efficiency is a reduction of material costs

  • Scarcity of raw materials presents a major challenge in sustainability

Benefits of a material efficiency analysis

Material efficiency analysis:

  • creates transparency on material flows in your production processes

  • lays the foundation for future material and energy savings

  • identifies and prioritises potentials to increase material efficiency

  • is subsidised up to 50 % by the state through demea (German Material Efficiency Agency) and "BMWI-Innovation Voucher (go-Inno)" for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)

Our services in creating material efficiency analyses

Our life cycle assessment and material flow experts conduct material efficiency analyses for you. You will receive:

  • a quantitative presentation of incoming (purchase) as well as outgoing (sales, disposal) material flows of the company

  • determination of internal material flows and losses as well as description of loss mechanisms which is supported by suitable methods

  • a business-management approach based on the resulting potential for savings

  • description of measures to realise the potential for savings including an estimation of necessary investments or of a consolidation consultation

  • support with using all available funding opportunities for instance, by demea (German Material Efficiency Agency)

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