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Sustainability Consultants since 2007

Expertise, tools and ideas for a successfull implementation of sustainability in large and medium-sized enterprises

Sustainability is a topic of increasing operative relevance. While strategy is important, excellent implementation is the key to success. Based on more than 20 years of practical experience and 10 years in consultancy.

You can profit from our expertise in important fields of sustainability by which we complement your existing know-how. Our expertise is based on more than 10 years of market experience, our own research projects and studies by which it is continuously improved (see our publications).

With a big range of different tools we accelerate the progress of your project and ensure the highest quality of your project results. For instance, we use a strict list of criteria for sustainability software, make use of effective processes to create life cycle assessments and environment product declarations (EPDs). Furthermore, we make use of process templates to create materiality analyses, we develop indicator systems and our process model for effective sustainability communication.

Our conceptual and creative ideas can help you to create synergies between the different fields of sustainability. We think holistically and connect the dots such as product oriented sustainability with your brand and communication or sustainability report standards and environment management systems.

brands & values GmbH - sustainabilty consultants
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