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HAND IN HAND (Study available only in German)

Under the title "Hand in Hand - Corporate Volunteering as an Instrument of Organizational Development in Germany", the brands & values team examined to what extent the offer of companies to employees to volunteer their time during working hours makes a positive contribution to employee motivation, employee loyalty and attractiveness as an employer.

It is based on two empirical studies: a survey of 685 employees and applicants and a survey of 68 HR managers. The latter shows that so far only a few companies use corporate volunteering specifically as a strategic instrument in the recruiting process and for personnel development.

This is countered by successful examples of internationally active companies - the "Hand in Hand" portrays the commitment of mobile phone manufacturer Nokia and Deutsche Bank. These experience reports, in connection with the insights of Johanniter-Unfall-Hilfe, provide valuable insights into the potential benefits of this new instrument and concrete indications of its successful implementation.

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