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Alexander Boeth


Environmental Management & LCA


Altenwall 14 | 28195 Bremen

Tel.: +49 421 709084 - 33

Fax: +49 421 709084 - 35

Environmental Management Systems

The challenge

Expectations of professional environmental management are increasing. Good environmental management is more and more becoming a quality criterion. The topic gains additional relevance if

  • Your competitors already have an environmental management system such as ISO 14001 or EMAS.

  • An environmental management system is defined as a prerequisite, especially for public tenders

  • Customers require certification according to EMAS or ISO 14001 due to their own environmental management and quality requirements.

  • You are not faced with the introduction of an energy management system according to ISO 50001 tax disadvantages

  • You want to avoid disadvantages with tenders

  • You want to get transparency about your energy and resource consumption

The benefits of performing energy audits

Through the introduction of an environmental management system

  • Systematically save energy and resource costs

  • Ensure that you comply with all environmental regulations

  • You can show stakeholders that you take your social responsibility seriously

  • You can benefit from financial and legal advantages

  • Start a continuous improvement process in terms of environmental performance

How we support your environmental management systems

Our experienced environmental management experts

  • Support you in the implementation of the common management systems ISO 14001, EMAS, ISO 50001 and Ökoprofit

  • Carry out as-is analyses for you with regard to relevant environmental impacts and aspects

  • Prepare detailed input-output balances

  • Ensure legal conformity through the introduction of legal registers

  • Support you in the preparation of an environmental statement

  • Carry out EMAS or ISO 14001 training courses for you

  • Provide the environmental management officer for your company

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