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Karsten Muuß


Senior Consultant  and Head of the Sustainability Strategy Department

Vagtstr. 48 | 28203 Bremen

Tel.: +49 40 659 14 658

Fax: +49 421 460 460 - 09



Tobias Brinkmann


Senior Consultant and Head of the Departments for Life Cycle Assessment and Ecoefficiency Analysis


Altenwall 14 | 28195 Bremen

Tel.: +49 421 709084 - 33

Fax: +49 421 709084 - 35

Cell phone: +49 157 3525 88 80


The challenge

Not only economic but also ecological criteria are relevant in the decision-making process of your company for

  • the decisions on process optimization

  • portfolio decisions: which products/ designs to add to your product range

It is important for you to improve the environmental effect along your value chain while at the same time keeping the same price-performance ratio.

The use of an ecoefficiency analysis

An ecoefficiency analysis in accordance with ISO 14045 helps companies

  • to improve the environmental impact throughout the entire life cycle while taking business criteria into account as well

  • to identify the processes and product variants which reach the optimized environmental impact at a low cost by identifying processes which cause high environmental impacts or costs

  • to reduce/ minimize the energy intensity of products and services

  • to reduce/ minimize the material intensity of products and services

  • to increase recyclability of products

  • to easily present ecological and economical advantages of a product or process to stakeholders, politics and the society

Our service in creating an ecoefficiency analysis

Our experts have the right combination of life cycle assessment and business competencies which enables them to

  • conduct ecoefficiency analyses in accordance with ISO 14045 (on the basis of the BASF methodology in combination with key figures of the Federal Environmental Agency ) on product and process levels

  • depict the results of the analysis in an ecoefficiency portfolio, to backup the results using scenario and sensitivity analyses, to show potential for optimisation and courses of action

  • and thereby to support you with portfolio decisions in the context of your integrated product policy

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