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Karsten Muuß

Managing Director


Altenwall 14 | 28195 Bremen

Tel.: +49 421 709084 - 33

Fax: +49 421 709084 - 35

Cell phone: +49 160 970 709 63


The challenge

Although, it is often criticised: Communication and reputation often are driving forces for sustainability activities within companies. Who does not communicate although he is doing a lot gives away a lot of potential for reputation. Who communicates more than he is doing risks to loose his reputation. It depends on the balance between doing and communicating. Questions companies might ask themselves:

  • Does it make sense to create a sustainability report, if so which one should be chosen?

  • How can we appropriately communicate what we are already doing in the field of sustainability?

  • Which role do sustainability topics play in the context of our product and company strategy? How can we create a clear sustainability profile?

  • How do we effectively engage in a dialogue with the most important stakeholders?

  • How can sustainability and the priorities which are set by your company be embedded within the organisation, in the heads and hearts of your employees in a motivating way?

  • How can sustainability become a driving force for innovation?

The benefits of sustainability communication

Sustainability communication which is strategically well positioned and which suits the company:

  • Contributes to profile and to position the company in the context of sustainability

  • Leads to gains in credibility and reputation and thereby indirectly adds to an increase in the company´s value

  • Reduces the internal efforts to answer stakeholder requests due to smartly designed sustainability reporting

  • Positively contributes to the preference among customers on product and brand level and thereby increases sales potential

  • Increases employee loyalty and the attractiveness as an employer

The integration of sustainability criteria in the innovation process opens new market and business model possibilities and thereby extends the range of new and successful business and of new product ideas.

Our services in sustainability communication

The experienced brands & values team supports you:

  • In the context of your sustainability report, to develop suitable reporting concepts, the choice of reporting standards, the development of performance indicators and contents up to the creation of the complete report

  • To develop strategies and concepts for effective sustainability communication on product, brand and company level

  • To review your sustainability perception by means of modern and proven market research methods

  • To optimise your products and services according to sustainability considerations (EcoDesign) based on life cycle assessments, eco-efficiency and material efficiency analyses and the determination of innovation potentials from a sustainability perspective based on the brands & values "Sustainovation" approach

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